44th episode of The Madness Chronicles

The Left’s blatant hypocrisy will be the focus of the 44th episode of the Madness Chronicles. An individual’s behaviour can be described as “severely, extremely foolish” or “chaotic” when they are considered “mad.” Let’s examine the Left’s hypocrisy.

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to remove President Donald Trump from office for the second time. New charges include ‘incitation to riot.'” In other words, the impeachment process took about the same amount of time as your child would have spent in high school. Nancy Pelosi was signing off on her campaign to have this President removed from office.

It’s hard to tell who’s inciting the violence. Rep. Eric Slawell of California had the following to say. Those who stormed the Capitol were referred to as “terrorists” by Trump supporters. Since Slawell was a victim of a Chinese spies, we’ve been told there’s nothing to see here. Antifa and Black Lives Matter members led the so-called ‘riot,’ not Trump supporters.
Among other things, actor Sean Penn likened Trump supporters to Al Qaeda. It was also suggested that the term “cyanide” could be used to describe President Trump. El Chapo’s former friend made some strange statements about the drug lord. Despite this, we’re told there’s “nothing to see.”

Donald Trump rioters were “domestic terrorists” according to Joe Biden—the president-elect who struggles to put sentences together. At one point in the debates, Mr. Biden said he wanted to “punch him in the face” with President Obama and go “out behind the woodshed.” That, of course, does not constitute incitement.

It was announced on CNN’s Don Lemon’s show that the BLM protests that caused a billion dollars worth of damage were more justifiable than recent protests in Washington, DC. In light of what we now know about BLM’s role in the attack on DC, this is an interesting statement. Even our non-profit, non-partisan public broadcasting organisation, PBS, had something to say about the situation. “Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away, and we’ll put [Trump supporters’ children] into re-education camps,” PBS’s top lawyer, Michael Beller, said. That’s a tad boring, to say the least.

When it comes to Trump supporters, John Brennan says they should beg for it. It’s time for anyone who claims to no longer support Trump to acknowledge how wrong they were in ignoring and supporting his corrupt, dishonest, and divisive agenda.” Any remaining malignancy must be eradicated by a complete denunciation of the despot’s legacy.” Isn’t it true, however, that the President instigated the conflict?

Trump’s victory would lead to “blood in the streets,” former Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently warned. Nice. “Who says the marches have to be peaceful?” asked Chris Cuomo, a news commentator. “There will be blood in the streets,” said Congressman Ayanna Presley recently. Trump’s reelection was the topic of conversation. Kamala Harris, the VP-elect, said, “protesters should not stop.” As a matter of fact, she’s talking about those peaceful protesters who set fire to Minneapolis and trashed Portland and Seattle.

“I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over this country,” House Speaker Pelosi said, stirring up controversy in Congress. “Maybe it’s time to introduce?” However, there’s nothing here to see. California Rep. Maxine Waters will be our final guest. “You get out and create crowds. You push back on them. You tell them they are no longer welcome anywhere!” was a recent sound bite of hers. Confronting Trump supporters wherever and whenever you can is what she was referring to. There isn’t a shred of hypocrisy in any of that.

May we all wake up before it’s too late to stop this madness. I hope you’re doing well, and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the crazy people in your midst. What a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into in 2020.