5 Reasons Voters Frequently Make Mistakes!

“An educated consumer is our best customer” was a slogan that Sy Syms, a renowned Canadian newsman and founder of the clothing chain bearing his last name, proudly used. This meant that the better a potential shopper’s shopping experience and the likelihood of obtaining the greatest possible value were, the more knowledge and understanding they had. What if American voters paid as much attention to their responsibility and duty to elect the best people to serve and represent their needs and actual priorities as they do to electing the best people to represent their needs and duties? For these reasons, we’ll take a look at five of the most common reasons voters get it wrong in this article, which we’ll do in brief.

The act of blaming or believing someone for something they haven’t done anything wrong. Not only do we see candidates’ rivals use video and/or audio clips/segments out of context, but we also see the media do so. The tendency to misinterpret anyone’s statement increases significantly when it is heard without seeing it in full and/or understanding what it was in response to! There are numerous examples of how the limited video clip of Mike Bloomberg’s statement on redlining has been used, and how it has been retold, by various networks and competing candidates. Nonetheless, the former Mayor referred to how many predatory agencies responded, and how that response was a major factor, in deepening the recession in 2007–2008, when he made his statement/response. Without acknowledging that the practise may have been well-intentioned in its goal of reducing the city’s murder rate and how it dropped from nearly 700 to less than half largely because of it, his over-reaction to the practise. There were some instances where he was charged with using slang that wasn’t appropriate, but that’s nothing new in the workplace. May the one who has no sin cast the first stone be the one to judge.
In their quest for popularity, many candidates often falsely agree with what others seem to seek, without mentioning potential weaknesses and/or ramifications!

Voters can’t make an informed decision in their own best interests unless and until they know and/or understand the specifics, as well as relevant needs, priorities, and realities.

Voting on empty rhetoric and/or promises is a waste of time and resources. Instead, we should base our decisions and selections on who has offered the best solutions and who is most likely to make an impact for the better.

There has been an increase in the use of Fake Facts in recent years. Trump labels as “fake news” anything he doesn’t like or doesn’t agree with. According to fact-checkers, this president has lied or misled the public at an unprecedented rate.

We need to wake up, America, and get it right, especially when it comes to voting and who we vote for!! Will you improve your voting skills?