A Country Riddled With Internal Conflict

The times, as someone once said, are a-changin’. I guess from a personal perspective no truer words could have said it best. If only someone had told us a few decades ago that our society would one day be confronted with a deadly pandemic, not to mention a world rife with xenophobia and unspeakable suffering, where millions of people desperately cling to hope for relief from their daily misery? I’ve come a long way since I was a kid.

Many factors have contributed to the current state of affairs. So many factors have contributed to the wide range of sociological shifts that have taken place over the last few decades. So many people of my generation are perplexed by this shift. The days are getting dimmer. When it comes to manners and chivalry, the days of etiquette are long gone. It was as if the manners on display represented a more subdued and collected side of life.
Many of us would like to cling to the past as much as possible, but there are always a few situations that prevent us from reminiscing about the past as much as we would like. Even though society’s ties are strong, it seems as though an unseen force is constantly working to weaken them.

Today’s state of affairs is a direct result of the shifts that have taken place over the last 60 years. The music industry is often cited as an example of how our society is said to have evolved over time. The music industry has always had an impact on the way people think and act in the world around them. That society has arrived where it has today was not entirely due to the music and entertainment industries. The government’s policies, which in turn had a significant impact on education, deserve more of the blame. All of this has only served to exasperate the state of affairs in which we now live.

What we can say is that the music of the time has had an impact on every generation. A large number of people believe that music reflects the world around them, and the events that shape our reactions to those events. The world’s events have always had a significant impact on our daily lives, as well as those of others.

Until recently, there was a unifying rhythm that brought our society and country together. From the inside out, our country is being shattered today. When there is so much distraction, division, and deception going on at the same time, our society is more likely to become a place of deception and dishonour than one of goodness and virtue.

We see a decline in basic civility toward others when we look at what is happening internally. We’ve strayed far from the moral principles instilled in us by previous generations. Today, we’ve discovered that the pace of our lives has sped up to the same degree as the lives of millions of people around the globe.

I think it is safe to say that today’s world would be a lot less frantic and depressing if our children had been exposed to classic literature from an early age. As in education, where over the last 55 years, the United States has lost four generations as a result of deteriorating educational standards as a result of government intervention. Due to the current pandemic, this will be the fifth generation. Millions of Americans have seen their standard of living plummet as a result of the decline in educational attainment among our country’s youth.

In some parts of the country, people are starting to realise what’s going on in education and are making an effort to change it. Unfortunately, a large portion of the rest of the country is still unable to do so effectively. It’s not just education, music, and entertainment that are responsible for the way society has evolved over the past few decades. Society has changed as a result of government policies and Supreme Court decisions.