Anemia resulting from educational inadequacy

There are holes in our corporate educations that allow one to drive a truck. People who think they’ve completed their education because they have a diploma, an equivalent degree, or a college degree. In reality, it’s just getting started.

To make matters worse, the vast majority of those “educated” in this way believe they are self-sufficient and don’t need anything else in life. Pseudo-citizens, they follow the orders of those who seem to know more than they do. When they eat whatever they can, including propaganda, they become the perfect consumer. In the absence of them, entire industries would be forced to relocate. Governments would not grow like diseases, but would instead shrink. Who is going to dispute that businesses and governments benefit from uninformed consumers? If you want people to cast their ballots for hand-picked corporate candidates, simply persuade them that their vote counts and they will do so. Because it’s the least they can do, and that’s exactly what they’re planning to do. Who are we to judge? Not for me.

It’s an old saying that goes like this: ‘As the twig is twisted, so grows the tree’. I never questioned it because I was aware of its accuracy. I’d even go so far as to claim that the forest grows through the bending of its twigs. We only understand there are alternative ways to bend trees when we come across one that has been bent in a different direction. In many cases, new parents learn about this issue after their children have grown up, and it is too late for them to help their grandchildren. It’s not a waste of time to wage war on the family. We all seem to be bent in the same way because of our shared sense of national identity.
The bearer of a corporate education is ineligible for any public duty whatsoever. They are unfit to vote, sit on a jury, or occupy public office, except on the corporate plantation, where ignorance and stupidity are the perfect qualifications. All the way up to the top, both corporate principles. They all contribute equally to corporate consumerism because they have no choice. The power of the law is behind corporate misinformation. Authentic education, the kind that leads to insight and understanding, is an option. The majority of people find corporate education to be so depressing that they have no desire to pursue further education in this setting. As a result, the only hope for a corporately educated nation is those who continue to ask and seek answers. Questioning rhetoric merely deepens the hole into which we’ve been conditioned to sink. People should be compensated by corporations for accepting their education. They save billions of dollars because they establish the laws that force us to accept.

We now have the internet for the one or two percent of people who have questions and want answers, even if it is only temporary. Now the challenge is, how do you entice the select few who aren’t dejected or discouraged? How do you keep them coming back after you’ve attracted them? Using the same Madison Avenue techniques that drive most of their existing behaviours or should they be regarded using a different model? Alternative educational resources: where can we discover the finest of the best? Companies that cater to homeschoolers? Perhaps we’ve reached a stage in our lives where wisdom is no longer relevant.

The deficiencies of corporate education are many. Corporate graduates do not know the purpose and abuses of money or law. They do not know the purpose and abuses of education itself. Most corporate graduates do not know their selves. They have no idea what politics is all about or how it may be abused. Few people are able to feed themselves or build a home on their own because many people would rather buy all they need and then some. Having stated that, I am confident that everything is proceeding according to plan. Currently, everything is precisely as it should be. Some parents, on the other hand, desire a better life for their children, but they don’t know what that better life might be. A plan to cultivate knowledge in an area where it has no accepted value or currency may be devised by finding some of them and working with them.