Are Political Parties/Movements able to help people avoid their own internal wounds?

Nowadays, if someone has an issue with a certain gender/race/religion, it won’t be difficult for them to find others who are the same. There are not only websites and groups, but also political parties and movements that support their position.

It doesn’t matter what their position is, they are likely to assign a number of negative attributes to fill in the blank. Consequently, they will be viewed as less-than-human as a result of this.

Another Affector is

Intriguingly, their time in the educational system may have influenced their point of view. This was supposed to be a place where they could learn and grow.

As a result, they would have been conditioned to see the world in a certain way and to despise certain individuals. To say that they had been brainwashed is a more accurate description of what happened at this time.

As a result, their views will be strengthened and even normalised as a result of their support from a political party or movement. The fact that a large number of people share this viewpoint will be taken as proof that theirs is the only correct one.

The only other option for them was to associate with others who shared their point of view. As a result of all of this, one can be absolutely certain of their beliefs.

I’m Stuck in an Envelope

After a certain point, their thoughts and beliefs will be so entrenched that they’ll refuse to accept anything that contradicts this belief system. As a result, attempting to communicate with them will be a waste of time.

Whether or not this person can demonstrate that what one believes is incorrect, their mind will not allow them to see that what they believe is incorrect. There will be a solid barrier in place, and no way to get around it.


People have a lot of evidence to ‘prove’ that what they believe is true because their minds filter reality through what they believe to be true. As they go about their lives, they’ll encounter things that back up what they believe.

These two things will allow them to maintain their view and make it nearly impossible for them to realise that their mind is deceiving them.. They would have to separate from their thoughts in order to see that the world is simply reflecting what they think it is.

The Next Step

It’s possible to believe that if fill-in-the-blank were no longer alive or punished in some way, one’s own life and that of the world as a whole would be better off. There is a possibility that these people will be pleased if certain laws are enacted that have a negative impact on these people, or even if these laws go even further and end their lives.

Because of this, what they have in mind could be viewed as either bad or evil. History demonstrates the devastation and misery that can result from such a point of view.

There Are Two Levels Here

Both mental and emotional processes are involved for someone with this kind of personality. To begin with, it’s possible that this has to do with how they can avoid what’s going on in the second level.

To put it another way, their views and beliefs are in place to keep them from experiencing their true feelings. Anger and rage are more likely, but these are the feelings that will follow after them.


There is a lot of pain to be found if they take a step back from what is “out there” and go deep within themselves. They’ll realise they’ve been projecting their “dark” selves onto others at this point.

However, because they were so disconnected from themselves, it was impossible for them to see what was happening. These wounded and uneasy parts of themselves have been brought to their attention by their external will, and now they must be acknowledged and integrated.

In addition,

At least one painful experience with a person can be found during this time, and it is likely that they generalised the experience after it occurred. As a result, the actions of a single person would have been interpreted as an accurate depiction of what the rest of us are like.

Their conscious mind will have forgotten all about this experience, but their unconscious mind will have remembered, and this is why it would have influenced their life as an adult. Their mind would have tried to protect them by generalising from the specific.


What this shows is that people can be completely unaware of why they believe what they believe. However, they will be able to keep their internal wounds at bay if they remain oblivious to what is really going on.
Furthermore, this shows that even though someone’s emotional self may appear to have little impact on their intellectual self, it is not separate and exerts a great deal of influence on them. There are many ways to avoid experiencing one’s own pain, and one of them is to demonise a large portion of the population.