Bringing School To South Sudan

I once sponsored a trip to my friend Mator’s home village for him and a woman I knew a long time ago. Children were still huddled together under a tree, according to the man. However, we’re in danger because of three hits that had previously been used as classrooms.

It was only a few months ago that Mator and I decided to form our own non-profit organisation in order to see what we could do to benefit the students at Wutkoro Primary School. Twic County’s Pinychuier village, just outside of Wangulei, is home to this historical site. There are well over a hundred of them.

If we can raise the money, we hope to have the residents of the village build the structure. The structure must be able to withstand the rains. Teachers at the school need to know that we care and that they can make a difference in the lives of the children they teach.

We are fortunate in the United States to have the infrastructure, materials, and resources required to run a business. School and school supplies may not be appreciated by our children. The problems that children in other countries face are not universally experienced by these children.
As a 55-year-old first-year teacher, I believe God’s timing is right for me to learn all I can about running a school. Teachers at Wutkoro Primary School can use my knowledge and assistance as I gain experience. Previously, I’ve worked as a substitute teacher, an after-school summer tutor, and a first-grade teacher. It’s possible that I’m just getting started. We need to raise money first.

In 2001, as one of Sudan’s “Lost Boys,” I met my friend Mator. My son got married to a Sudanese woman. I will always be connected to South Sudan if they have a child.

Even though in the United States, social media is readily available, it isn’t the same for everyone. Villages without electricity, water, or transportation still exist. Mator will still have to travel to the project site to supervise it after we raise the necessary funds. The most difficult part of the project will be transporting the necessary materials. It’s imperative that you go through all of the proper channels. It’s going to take a lot of prayer, too.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve watched this young man’s education, raising a family, and career development. This project has the potential to become a reality, but we’ll need a lot of help to make it happen. See the resource box below for more information on the project. Pray for us if you’re a believer.