In Oregon, Online Education Gets a Shot in the Arm.

Online education is a godsend in rural America, where transportation costs are so high that many students who live far from a school are putting a strain on school systems’ budgets.

In other areas, it’s simply not viable to drive an additional 40 miles a day to pick up three children from school because of the high cost of diesel fuel. In fact, neither the parents nor the children can bear the financial burden, and the prospects for those children are bleak if they do not receive an education.

Oh, but wait, there’s also the option of online learning. The students may attend school one or two days a week, while the rest of the time they could work online from home. What if homeschooling and online education were used to fill up the gaps? There are numerous rural locations of the United States where this is taking place.
I recently met an information technology specialist for 29 school districts in the state of Oregon, and he is optimistic about the future of online education and certain that they have the technology they need to make it happen.

Oregon is fortunate in that it is a tech-savvy state and understands that the future of education requires the use of today’s most cutting-edge technologies. Reduced educational expenses can be achieved by using these online teaching and educational tactics.