Is Erectile Dysfunction Helped by Wearable Male Enhancement Products?

Is there a pill that you can wear? To some extent, yes. Putting a bracelet made of tiny blue pills around your nastiness is not the solution. The term “wearable Viagra” refers to a cock ring that enhances even the weakest penis. Does it actually work? Let’s look into the claims made for this new erectile dysfunction product for men.

Erectile Dysfunction: What Is It?

It is estimated that 3 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction each year. When a man is unable to get or keep an erection during a sexual encounter, he is said to have Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s interesting to note that ED has physical as well as psychological roots. An occasional inability to get an erection isn’t the same as having ED. To be diagnosed with ED, a man must be unable to stand more than 25% of the time.
The Diggity of Eddie by Giddy, what’s that all about?

The Eddie, more commonly known as a cock ring, is an FDA-registered Class II medical device worn around the base of the penis to prevent blood from leaving the penis. Due to its special design, the Eddie does not place any additional strain on either the arteries or the urethra while exerting pressure on the deep dorsal vein. What’s the big deal? Too much constriction on the urethra can cause pain when ejaculating, and the Eddie conversely allows a more relaxed, uninhibited climax.

Comfortable because of its horseshoe shape, which matches the penis’ oval shape better than other rings. It also has various, removable tension bands that give it a more bespoke fit that amends the ring to the man, not vice versa.

Eddie also comes with an online education program called the “ED Guide,” which helps men navigate the mental and emotional aspects of ED as well, making it a more “whole life” approach rather than just a sexual aide. A panel of experts has vetted the information in the guide.

Is Giddy’s Eddie a Workhorse?

It’s possible, but it all depends on the man and the cause of his ED. The Eddie’s material is a bit stiffer than other rings, which could make it uncomfortable. On the other hand, it makes the erroneous assumption that all men have penises with an oval shape. However, the physical ring itself can be handy for many men who experience ED.

The real winner in all this is the ED Guide. It provides a 30-day erectile dysfunction management routine. It provides wise counsel on how to discuss erectile issues with a partner and how to get through it together.

Other Tips for Improving Erectile Dysfunction

Men have many options when it comes to dealing with ED. First and foremost, men should always address related underlying medical issues, such as diabetes or heart disease, before treating ED. Keeping a healthy weight, eating well, and a regular exercise and sleep routine can all go a long way in treating ED.

Of course, some opt to treat ED with prescription medications. Penis pumps and rings are also used with varying levels of success. The more extreme measure, a penile implant, too has had mixed reviews.