Is Your Company Fail? Entrepreneurship education is essential!

I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’ve been disappointed with your business’s progress thus far. You are not the only one! You might be surprised at how long most enterprises last. A whopping 97% of people who join a network marketing company fail! About seventy percent of the firms you see in your area or on the internet will go out of business within five years!

Have you thought about getting some formal education? You’ve need to know where to receive practical knowledge if you want to succeed in your career. What you really need is a solid education in the field of entrepreneurship.

If you’re up for a little challenge, I’ve put together some comparisons between educational experiences that are both worthwhile and pointless.

A Harvard MBA, or a $5,000 sales seminar with an internet marketing millionaire?

Do you want to learn from your successful 6-figure marketing executive uncle Tim or from Joe down the street, who’s had his own business in town for the past 15 years and spends half the year travelling for fun?

Spending an afternoon listening to an audio CD on the benefits of your product, or an audio CD on how to discover and address the problem of potential clients?

A master’s degree or even a doctorate is possible. Are you well-educated? I suppose it all depends on whoever you’re speaking to. No, if you’re an entrepreneur, that’s the solution!
To be honest, it’s quite rare for a graduate of a typical university programme to possess the real-world abilities necessary to succeed in business for themselves. Ouch! That’s not very common, and it’s much harder to hear. The truth of the matter is, of course. In many cases, the self-made millionaire is a superior choice. A three-day marketing seminar taught me more than years of schooling ever could. In order to deliver his million-dollar seminar, the speaker had to overcome the challenges of first-hand knowledge. Many university professors are ensconced in their ivory towers, enjoying the security of a well-paying job and tenure. As a rule, they lack the “school of hard knocks” that an entrepreneur goes through.

When it comes to education, who you learn from can make all the difference. On the surface, it appears that your uncle Tim would be a stronger mentor in the above case. Take care! Most likely, he has not had to put his expertise to the test in the real world if he does not work for a commission. If he doesn’t believe in your theory, he’ll probably give you one that hasn’t been tested. As for Joe, he’ll give you a variety of solutions he’s tried and tested until they worked. Joe enjoys a good quality of life and has overcome adversity.

The majority of business owners, I believe, will decide to learn more about their product instead of investing time and money in it. Massage, vitamin-packed juices, and jewellery are all examples of products that can be used in this category. Watch your step! While it’s crucial to know your product inside and out, if your firm is failing, learning more about it will not help! You must learn how to generate demand for your product in order to succeed! If you don’t have clients, being or being the greatest in your field doesn’t matter!

In that case, how can you locate entrepreneur education [] that has value?

Begin with what has worked before. Success in business can be learned from many great gurus who share their time-tested techniques. I’ve learned a lot from Brian Tracy, T. Harv Ecker, Mark Victor Hansen, and Dolf de Roos, among others.