Organize Your Living Spaces

It’s time to check on your home. What do you think? A lot of the chaos and confusion we see around us and inside of us stems from us not doing what is expected of us in the right order at the right time. Those who come after us, as well as the rest of society, suffer when we fail to fulfil our responsibilities. Factors and actions leading to these avoidable problems will be examined here. These changes will have an impact on us and our families. See how many family feuds have erupted over property and inheritance in our society today? It is God’s desire that we live peacefully, prosperously, and pass on the values of love, peace, obedience, and divine covenants and relationships to our children and future generations rather than hatred, hostility, and endless ‘war’. Many households and institutions are currently embroiled in acrimonious disputes over who was responsible for not completing tasks on time. You should also be aware that what happens in the home has an impact on society as a whole. Society will be thrown into disarray if they are flawed. There will be peace and prosperity in our society if only we get it right at home. Now, take a look at your household and your business. Do you believe that everything is as it should be?
We could try to go back to the beginning to get a better understanding of what we’re trying to get at. Certainly. Homeownership began in Eden with the first house built. It was a wonderful experience. However, take a look at what transpired when it failed to perform as intended. This failure led to the demise of mankind and the entirety of creation: “The serpent was the most cunning of all the wild animals the LORD God had created. It came up to him one day: Did God really say that you cannot eat the fruit from any of the garden trees?’ she asked. The woman replied, ‘Of course we can eat fruit from the trees in the garden.’ When it comes to eating fruit, we’re only allowed to eat fruit from a tree that sits in the middle of the garden.’ If you eat it or touch it, you will die, according to God’s instructions. The serpent said to the woman, “You won’t die!” As soon as you eat it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be able to see both good and bad, just like God.’

The woman had made up her mind. With its beautiful shape, ripening fruit, and promise of wisdom, this tree was irresistible. As a result, she nibbled on some of the fruit. Also eating some of the food was her husband, who was in the room with her. In a split second their eyes opened, revealing their nakedness, and they immediately felt ashamed. As a result, they were clothed using fig leaves sewn together. The man and his wife were out in the garden enjoying the cool evening air when they heard the LORD God walking around. To avoid the wrath of God, they sought refuge in the trees. God called out to him, “Where are you?” He said, ‘I hid because I heard you in the garden.’ The fact that I was bare-chested made me feel uneasy.’ Who made you aware of your state of undress? asked the LORD God. What about the tree I told you not to touch? Have you eaten any of its fruit? The man said, ‘I ate the fruit that the woman you gave me gave me.'” 3:3–12 in the Bible

Is that what you meant? This was the beginning of the chaos in the house. The Devil, that age-old liar, is symbolised by the serpent in that image. He came to tempt them to disobey God’s commandments, he said. Adam and Eve were given the task of caring for God’s creation after He had finished beautifying it. That unholy encounter with the wicked one ruined everything in my life. We’re more interested in the oddity of the woman’s role in the mess and the man’s failure and inability to assert his leadership and headship, so I recorded the entire conversation. From the beginning, a wise woman would have included the man, the husband, in the conversation and process. Before involving the man, the head of the household, Eve held a discussion, came to a decision, and took action on that decision. How could Adam have watched helplessly and stupidly as that old deceiver lured his wife into sin and destruction without saying a word? Why did he eat that fruit without a fight or a resentment?

Clearly, something is missing from the story as a whole. Remember, Adam was the head of the household, and he had to bear the brunt of the burden. Only a servant, Eve. Adam acted as the brains behind the operation. It was for this reason that God spoke to the man and not the woman when he appeared. She summoned and interrogated Adam as the head of the family. God and the man were at odds. The home’s success or failure rests solely on the shoulders of man. There were some oddities in this first family. In the end, she gave the apple to her obedient, but irresponsible, husband, who ate it whole without a word of complaint or explanation. My goodness! In this time, Adam appeared to be tethered to something. However, are there any men like him today? Sure! There are a plethora of them all around you. As far as I am concerned, I’m talking about men who are possessed by satanic powers and have been transformed into a variety of different roles in their own homes. Those positions of spiritual and physical authority as well as the title of “head” have slipped from their grasp since then. Their captors are the daughters of Eve and Jezebel, who have enslaved them just like Adam was. But I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus, that they will be freed from these bonds of the enemy today! Eve was clearly in charge in this situation. If that union produced a seed like Cain, the first murderer and assassin, it is no wonder. As evidenced by his actions, Adam demonstrated that he lacked the qualifications or, to put it another way, did not understand the expectations placed on him as the family’s patriarch and creator.