The Republican Party’s Courage

One man’s desperate antics as the United States fades into insignificance are watched by the rest of the world. Since its inception, the Trump Administration has been treated as if it were a never-ending episode of a bad soap opera. Our country is on notice that we have fallen to a much lower standard of behaviour due to his rants, complete disregard for the truth, and sheer audacity. When more than 70 million people voted for Donald Trump, it was a watershed moment in the decline of the United States.

For the past four years, we’ve been subjected to some truly awful reality television. Republican Party’s complacency and disregard for civility during and prior to the current pandemic reflects their pathetic, callous, and unapologetic nature toward the general public’s well-being. For this country to effectively combat this most lethal pandemic and actually generate genuine economic growth for all Americans, the so-called blind allegiance to the Trump Administration has been greatly reduced. Herein lies America’s greatest travesty: all of these factors come into play.
The current imbalances in society can still be remedied by society as a whole. Government-induced imbalances. Whenever a government is obsessed with power, it always creates policies that accelerate that power into total control. And, as a result of their dominance, they amass even more wealth and power at the expense of the general public. A public that now serves the government rather than the opposite.

As a nation, we must overcome our complacency and educate ourselves about the long-term consequences of the status quo if this nation is ever to rise above the ashes of tyranny and return to a government that truly serves the people. The Jefferson Prophecy has been ignored thus far. When it comes to our government’s power structure, we have a right to change it. It’s the old adage “If you want something bad enough, you can get it.” Today, this is relevant.

By dismissing public outcries during this time of global crisis, Trump and Republicans have once again demonstrated their contempt for millions of Americans. In the absence of any other words, this writer can only describe their deafness to the suffering that this Pandemic is causing our country as well as the economic ruin that is befalling millions of people. Only a small minority of the millions of people who are pleading for financial and economic aid are being ignored. A good example of this is the government’s refusal to extend the Stimulus Bill and other economic aid to offset the financial and economic devastation that had already been sweeping the country even before the Pandemic hit.