The Science And Art Of Balancing Work, Family, And School

Is it possible to balance a full-time job, a family, and further education? Is juggling too much for you? In some ways, the issues that people confront in this area are eerily similar to those that first-time jugglers deal with. There are four common problems with juggling, according to The Instant Jugglers’ Manual, (c)1993 Infinity Illusion/Lofty Pursuits: handling two areas of focus at once, moving forward while you’re doing it, not being able to do it in the third area of focus, and keeping all three areas from colliding with each other or interfering with each other. As a result, let us examine some potential solutions to these issues.

Both at once

Juggle two objects by first throwing one up in the air, and then chucking number two in the air. Life is the same. Make a list of two things you want to do in your life, and then focus on one of those things at a time. After then, focus on the second part of the task. Tossing an object in juggling can go horribly wrong if the wrist uses too much or too little force, leading one or both of the objects to fly out of control. There is little hope of success if your goals are unrealistically high or low, if they don’t fit with your lifestyle, or are incompatible.
When someone like John Doe wants to go to grad school but only makes minimum wage, he may need financial aid to make up the difference between the two. To avoid this, John might be forced to work overtime or take on a second job in order to cover the gaps and pay the expenses. Stress and exhaustion could set in if he doesn’t get to spend time with his wife and little boy. It’s also possible that his grades could take a nosedive. Possible alternatives include student loans, grants and work-study programmes.

Where can juggling be of assistance? For those who don’t want to use The Instant Jugglers Manual, there are other alternatives. A nice place to begin is at your local community college.

Being unable to manage a third thing

Are you ready to throw in a new variable? The Instant Jugglers’ Manual urges jugglers to focus on throwing ball number 3 and not even try to catch ball number 2. Add education to your list of priorities once you’ve already got your profession and family under control.

Use tools to assist you in putting together a plan for your future educational endeavours. Head to your local public library or educational facility for aid. Avoid dropping or failing to juggle the ball.